Clear Aligners are a treatment that gently move teeth into place. The trays are worn in a series over time to create a beautiful smile. Clear Aligners are a popular...

A cone beam CT scan involves a special type of x-ray that allows us to see the details of your oral and facial health. This scan is more than just a typical x-ray, since it allows us to identify nerve pathways..

Dental digital tomography. X ray teeth. Creating a panoramic pic
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Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that is essential for patients who have areas of bone loss around the jaw. Bone loss can often occur as a result of a variety of...

A dental filling is a restoration that is specifically used to fill in an area of one or more teeth that have become decayed. Dental decay, known as a cavity, can infiltrate...

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Analog and digital

3D printing is a revolutionary way for us to better treat our patients. We use this printing to help create surgical guides so that treatment planning is easier and more effective.

A dental crown is a type of restoration that is designed to fit over a damaged or compromised tooth. If a tooth has fractured, broken or has been recently root canaled, we may recommend that it be crowned.

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Dental light

Bonding is a common cosmetic procedure that can be done comfortably in our office. Unlike other treatments, bonding typically doesn't require any type of anesthetic to complete.

A dental bridge is a restoration that helps to replace one or more missing natural teeth. The bridge attaches permanently to surrounding teeth, so it won't need to be...

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Elderly man in dentist's chair without fear waiting for treatmen

All-On-4 technology refers to placing four strategically planned implants to keep a denture in place.

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean requires more than diligent brushing and flossing at home.

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Fluoride is most commonly found in dental products, like toothpastes and mouthwashes. It is designed to protect and strengthen a person's teeth, making them less...

Digital scanning uses the latest technology to capture detailed and accurate images of your gums and teeth without the need for messy impressions. Digital scanning provides a comfortable and quick way to identify alignment issues and correct problems with your teeth.

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A dental x-ray is an image that enables us to see underneath the surface of teeth and gums. These images can help us to see decay, infections, impacted teeth...

Dental implants are a popular choice for patients seeking a permanent restorative solution to damaged, broken, or missing teeth. Implants are durable, and feel like your natural teeth, giving patients a long lasting beautiful smile.

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Digital 3D printed dentures use computer-aided technology to take accurate images of your teeth and gums and produce dentures that are comfortable and long-lasting.

Both a denture and partial will help to transform your entire smile. If you're missing your natural teeth, there is no reason for you to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

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Bonding is a common cosmetic procedure that can be done comfortably in our office. Unlike other treatments, bonding typically doesn't require any type of anesthetic to complete.

Implant-supported dentures involve a series of implants that are placed to hold the denture securely in your mouth. Many denture wearers complain that their appliances slip and fall out..

Monolithic zirconia restorations full arch implant supported wit
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Intra-oral cameras are helpful in allowing us to see everything going on inside your mouth. Rather than a typical examination, this camera magnifies everything that it...

Digital x-rays use computer aided technology, and provide detailed images of your teeth and mouth instantly. Digital x-rays are safe, and give our doctors the ability to monitor growth, or quickly diagnose and treat areas of decay or gum disease.

Dentist working on the computer
correction of malocclusion by orthodontic trainer

Mouthguards can protect teeth from grinding, or from a sports injury. Our custom mouthguards are durable, and are custom fit, making them comfortable and easily worn while sleeping, or during your favorite sporting event.

A ridge augmentation can help replace bone and tissue lost from a tooth extraction procedure. The alveolar ridge is built back up with the required tissue and bone to create a sturdy base that can properly support a dental implant.

Dentist is showing his patient on the monitor what he is going t
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A root canal is a procedure that involves taking out the entire pulp of a tooth. Each of your teeth has a pulp, which is often called the nerve. If this pulp becomes ...

IV sedation is typically necessary for oral surgeries and more complicated dental procedures.

Female surgeons adjusting iv drip in operation theater
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Nitrous sedation is ideal for patients who want to be relaxed and calm during their dental appointments.

Dental implants are a great way to completely replace a missing tooth. Single implants replace just one missing tooth at a time. The implant is typically made out of titanium, which is inserted deep into the jaw bone.

row tooth and Dental implant
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Sealants are thin, clear protective coverings that can be applied to the back teeth. They are meant to prevent cavities and deep staining that would otherwise occur if...

Porcelain veneers are thin restorations that can be added to the front of your smile. They help to cover up flaws and minor imperfections that might have you feeling badly about your appearance.

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Extractions are done as a way to preserve your oral health and remove problematic teeth. In some cases, you may need to have teeth removed because of advanced...

The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ, joint of the lower jaw) and the ea
real human wisdom teeth and dental instruments

Wisdom teeth will typically begin to develop around the time a person reaches adulthood.

A full mouth reconstruction, which is more commonly called a smile makeover, is a treatment that involves completely revamping a patient's smile. Unfortunately...


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Teeth whitening can provide patients with a bright white smile that builds confidence. Our teeth whitening systems provide quick and effective results, and patients can notice brighter and whiter teeth after only a few treatments.

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