Real Patient Stories

Pictures and Words Say It Best

For many people, the best way to get a feel for a dental practice is to listen to the stories of actual patients. That is why we created this page and our Smile Gallery. Soon, you will also find a Quarterly Feature Case that looks at one patient’s course of treatment, highlighting the medical advancements that made a great outcome possible.

Real Patients and Their Own Words

businesswoman300The most valuable form of advertising that we have comes to us from our patients. We welcome testimonials and reviews of our office. Share your personal experiences with us through our Contact page or submit a review on Google Plus.

From Our Patients:

“I originally went to Dr. Dunson because I wanted a beautiful smile, but I received a healthy one as well” says Boyce, who trains pop superstar Usher “A great smile makes you look good and creates a healthy look, which increases my business.” Boyce is an internationally known celebrity trainer and fitness expert with over 20+ years in the fitness arena. “Thanks Dr. Dunson for my smile, it pays off every day!”
– Cliff “Hollywood” Boyce, Fitness TrainerCliff “Hollywood” Boyce of Hollywood fitness is the man celebrities flock to for personal fitness, but this star trainer runs to Dr. Dunson for his knockout smile.

“I have lived in Atlanta for 48 years and know a lot of professional people, especially DENTISTS. I have never had good teeth, so having visited the dentist many times, I feel I am qualified to judge a dentists performance. I was very impressed with the office staff and how efficient and courteous they were each and every time. Dr. Dunson is a master with his hands and he knows what he is doing and has the credentials to back it up. I was called to see how I was doing after each procedure. (I have never had that done before). Now I can SMILE and not be embarrassed at how my teeth look. Thank you Dr. Dunson for my smile!!”
– Doris Robinson – Associate Broker, Coldwell Banker

“I would love to take this opportunity to thank you and applaud your staff. My history with dentists has not been pleasant, and I am paying the price now for poor dental health. It is extremely wonderful to feel valued and informed. The care started the minute I entered the door, whether it was a warm hello or a tissue for a tear!! Mercedas, Tiffany, Keonka, and Alysia are all true assets to your organization. They each possess a genuine spirit that exudes professionalism, care, and a commitment to ensure that the time spent with Dunson Dental Design is a good experience. The tireless effort to make my last visit a pleasant one, did not go unnoticed. I thank each of you for any contribution you may have had in my stay in your office. I sincerely want to express my appreciation to you Dr. Dunson and the staff for all the “warm and fuzzies” that I was showered with during my last visit. It is because of your devotion to excellence I will always be a patient.”
– Angela Gibson

“Outstanding!!! Thanks to God Dr. Dunson and the design team, when I look in my rear view mirror these days, I see a good looking me. Five years ago when I was riding around Decatur, Georgia I didn’t recognize who I was in my mirror. I know that Dr. Dunson and his team of young workers are favored by God. They have a really special gift that fits each patient’s life that they service. I’m never surprised to learn about more knowledge for Dr. Dunson and how he takes the time to invest in his team. What I know for sure is that my hear is full of love and thanks to each member of the Dunson Dental Design team and I thank the lord for these friends and try to be a friend to them also. Thank you Dr. Dunson”
– Delois E. Burney

“I have had the pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Dunson since 1996. Most people dread going to the dentist, which is really a shame because the longer they put it off the more damage they are doing to their teeth. Believe it or not, but I like going to the dentist. Dr. Dunson takes the time to educate his patients on the proper dental care, he encourages you to be part of the treatment and explains why it’s important for you to do your part to keep your teeth and gums healthy. I like to call him a teaching dentist because while he’s working on you, he’s constantly sharing his knowledge and skills with his dental assistants. Encouraging them to see the total picture no juts the problem presented before them. I recently had major gum surgery performed by Dr. Dunson and even though it was intense and lasted 3 hours, I woke up the next day with little to no pain and went to work. It was nice to hear Dr. Dunson’s message on my voice when he personally called later that evening to check on my post-operative condition. His office staff is all kind, patient, and very knowledgeable.

I would highly recommend Dunson Dental Design if you want high quality and caring dental work!”
– Teresa Williams

“A fantastic Dunson smile. Thank you, Dr. Dunson, for the years you’ve taken off my appearance by making my teeth beautiful. I’ve had people, even another dentist, remark on how U have such a great smile and other dentist didn’t even seem to know my teeth have veneers or caps on them. That’s a very natural appearance for a mouth that’s had as much work done in it as mine has had. I have been reluctant to go to the dentist for years, even decades, because of an unfortunate experience when I was 18 but you have made it more than bearable to maintain my great smile. I won’t say it’s my favorite thing to do but the staff at Dunson Dental goes all out to make you feel comfortable, relaxed, less nervous, and more like a family visit than a dental visit. It’s just a good feeling place and I never thought I’d say that about any dental office. I also appreciate the care and thought that goes into my treatment plan. When I have a problem, a solution is found. I’ve ground my teeth for years and not slept well because of that.… but Dr. Dunson came to the rescue with an e appliance…. Which I have to say I wasn’t exactly wild about until I started wearing it. Now I don’t have to worry about grinding caps off, I sleep better, I don’t grind my teeth all that much anymore, and my caps and teeth stay healthier. Dr. Dunson really cares about your teeth and you…. and as for his staff…… they are all not just good people but WONDERFUL!”
– Janice Brown

“I appreciate Dr. Dunson’ care and concern to create the best possible smile. Mercedes’ patience and hard work to perfect and customize my smile. Tiffany for her helps, as always, with my method of payment using Care Credit. Robin was very sweet and though with cleaning that glue off my teeth after the braces. Bravo to the entire staff. Thanks to you all I can show my beautiful smile to the world and it is all because of you.”
– Karen H. Mableton, GA

“I was very pleased and impressed with the Dr. and his staff. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable being at the dentist. I would definitely recommend this practice to family and friends.”
– Soraya M. Atlanta, GA

“My new hygienist, Robin, was very kind. She really made me feel at home.”
– William H. Atlanta, GA

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