Sedation Dentistry

Get The Comfort of Sedation Dentistry…Without Leaving Our Office

sedation dentistrySedation dentistry is able to provide patients with comfort, relaxation, and security during their dental treatments. We understand that many people experience anxiety during dental visits, and although this feeling isn’t uncommon, it should never keep you from seeking the dental care you need to look and feel your very best.

Conscious sedation dentistry minimizes the anxiety associated with a visit to the dental office. Combined with advanced methods in local anesthesia, sedation dentistry allows our patients to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing experience during their treatment.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

During conscious sedation dentistry, the same treatment you would receive with traditional dentistry is conducted while you are in a “twilight sleep,” and breathing comfortably on your own. You will be aware of what is going on around you, and will be able to answer when spoken to and adjust your position if necessary. After the procedure, however, you will usually have little memory of the dental experience. In addition, the recovery time is shorter than with general anesthesia, typically lasting 30 to 45 minutes after the procedure is complete. Patients are then released and able to return home.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

Before you decide to undergo IV sedation for your dental work, Dr. Dunson will complete a detailed examination that includes your medical and dental history. Once he determines whether or not IV sedation is right for you, your treatment will be booked by our administrative staff. We will provide you with a detailed set of instructions to follow before and after your IV sedation appointment.

What are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Because you will be so comfortable and free of anxiety and fatigue, Dr. Dunson can work even more efficiently and for a longer period than usual, often accomplishing in a single office visit what might normally require multiple visits, such as placement of multiple dental implants, porcelain veneers, fillings, or a combination of treatments. This also makes sedation dentistry an ideal choice for people who prefer to undergo complex procedures in one office visit instead of having them spread out over several appointments. In addition, people who experience a strong gag reflex (which tends to interfere with dental treatment) will be freed from the problem, since such reflexes will be disabled during their “twilight sleep.”

Choosing the Right Sedation Dentist

Dr. Bernee Dunson is honored to provide his patients with sedation dentistry services. He received an IV and oral conscious sedation certificate from Miami Valley Medical College in Dayton, Ohio, making him one of the select few restorative dentists in Georgia who are certified and licensed to do IV sedation.

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