3D Digital Imaging Makes Better Dental Implants

Better Technology Results in Better Implants

Many advances in dental technology have allowed for greater effectiveness of treatment as well as greater patient satisfaction. That’s definitely the case with digital imaging. The high resolution 3D models have helped Dr. Dunson immensely when performing dental procedures in our state-of-the-art Atlanta office. This is particularly true when it comes to placing implants. Our priority is to stay current with the best of dental technology, which is just one more reason that Dr. Dunson is high in demand.

Implant Dentistry Before and After 3D Digital Imaging

Before digital scanning was used for diagnostics, multiple x-rays would be taken to assess the jawbone density and the condition of the soft tissues. These x-rays were generally helpful. Yet when dental professionals started using 3D digital imaging, the limitations of traditional diagnostics became apparent.

Getting the Big Picture of Soft Tissues and Bone Structure

cerec technologyFirst of all, 3D digital imaging yields high resolution scans. We can use the imaging software to zoom in very close, revealing tiny details that we wouldn’t have otherwise noted in a traditional x-ray. This can help identify nerves, damaged or delicate soft tissues, and even minute issues related to the integrity of the jawbone structure.

In addition, since we get a high resolution 3D model of your mouth, we can rotate this model in space and view the teeth, jawbone, and gums from all angles. We can also view cross sections of these structures from different angles to assess their interior workings in full detail. This was not possible with traditional radiography, and the use of this model gives us a much better understanding of the interrelation of different structures in the mouth.

Better Pre-Planning Prior to Oral Surgery

Using this high resolution 3D model, we can pinpoint the best possible place to set the dental implant in the tooth gap. In addition, we can also assess the proper angle the implant should be placed. We will also account for the spot in which the soft tissues and hard tissues will be strongest and provide the most secure hold. By determining this before the actual oral surgery, there is less risk or complications and side effects after surgery.

Increased Effectiveness of Dental Implant Treatment

Once the treatment plan is set and put into action, patients have a great experience with their dental implants. Since the placement is so precise, there is a reduced chance of implant rejection or prolonged healing times. With 3D digital imaging, our approach to implant dentistry is just exponentially better.

Using 3D digital imaging as part of the dental implant procedure means even more effective treatment and better results. Many patients have benefited from our use of state-of-the-art dental technology, and you can too. For more information about 3D digital imaging and dental implants, contact our office today.